Monday, August 27, 2012

Sunday, August 26, 2012...Auditions, callbacks, SOMETHING'S COMING.....

Sunday. August 26 2012, it's celebration for ACTOR'S DAY...a long old tradition to celebrate the martyr St. Genesius, and what better way to celebrate it than ...WORKING!!!!!

As a matter of fact, working for an actor it doesn't only means to be onstage or filming or in a tv set, it also refers to the way you look for a job, and in the best of the options...AUDITIONS.

I had the opportunity to be able to do "work" to celebrate my day, got a CALLBACK  for a new original musical theatre piece, a great one by the way, and an AUDITION for  another musical play, this one, a classic musical theatre piece, and both of the experiences were awesome!!!

I thank the UNIVERSE for this chances to keep going in a career that is very hard to endure...

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