Sunday, April 8, 2012

"The TANGO Singer" , rehearsals are getting better...

"The TANGO Singer"
In rehearsals.
Yesterday, we couldn't get the theater for our rehearsal with choreographer Alicia Savio, at her studio in Pasadena, it was a beautiful sunny afternoon, and when I arrived, she showed me around and we decided to stay at the beautiful garden, sitting at the iron patio table next to the fire place outdoors. It was a celebration just having us sunbathing for a while, under the Californian weather.
 The director/writer John Lacey, was finishing his nap and perhaps, washing his face to receive his cast at home for the first time.
Argentinian pastries and mate were waiting for the invitees to make them "start" launching the searching, always a necessity for the actors creation for the new role in the upcoming production...and the actors were coming in...
Music started to invade the studio space , surrounded by commedia Del Arte masks that Alicia created, as witnesses of a dancing lesson that made us start to break a sweat.
Tango...a romantic dance we are getting to know and  to love, and incorporate in our body language to create the atmosphere of those 1920's with Gardel and Malena, Lepera, Razzano, Mrs. Gardel, and
Sadie, the millionaire heiress.

It was great to have the opportunity to bound, to know each other, to create new relation-ships.

"The TANGO Singer"
coming up soon at the THEATER WEST
Los Angeles, March 2012.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

"The TANGO Singer" by John Lacey

A new original play by John Lacey will open at the Theatre WEST, 3333 Cahuenga Blvd. Studio City, just across the street from Universal Studios City Walk, for the WEST FEST season, where all new plays will be showing.

"The TANGO Singer" tells the story of Carlos Gardel, Jose Rassano and Malena...a three to tango...a triangle love story. Carlos Gardel, his rise to fame, fortune and tragedy, his movies in Hollywood, his triumph in Europe, that takes him back to where he was born, Paris...the entertainment capital of the world around 1920's 30's.