Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Anibal Silveyra

Anibal Silveyra, actor, dancer, singer, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, debuted onstage on 1981, "De Aqui No me Voy" musical play, with a cast of young actors, written by Pepe Cibrian Campoy, music by Oscar Lopez Ruiz, Choreography by Ruben Cuello, produced by Luis Amadori and Alberto Gonzalez, opened at TABARIS theatre on Corrientes ave. with exceptional reviews, and run about one year, after moving to a smaller theatre house Olympia.

Television "Dejenme Sonar" gives Anibal the starting point on the small screen, in a musical tv comedie, Glee style for 1980's era, starring Vicky Buchino and Ricardo Dupont, with a cast of featuring new faces on television, Anibal Silveyra, Alberto Garcia Satur, Rodolfo Valss, Martha Giorgi, Andrea Tenuta, Miguel Angel Tarditti, Tony Lestingi, Vicky Shocron, Mayco Castro Volpe, Monica Nunez Cortez, directed by Wilfredo Ferran.
"Todo es cuestion de empezar" ( Everything it's just a matter of starting out) a tv. show written by Pepe Cibrian Campoy, for Channel 9, opened on Sept. 11th. 1982, critics said:"with local atmosphere and international flavor"...7 sibblings struggling to support themselves after their parents died in an automovile crash, these brother and sisters get by as a regular family of 7.

A show from the tv called "Crecer con Papa" ("Growing up with dad") get it's theatre version for a summer play opened in the beautiful city of Mar del Plata, 1982-3, starring Claudio Garcia Satur and Lorena Paola, produced by Enrique Estevanez, directed by Edgardo Borda, with Dalma Millevos, Liliana Losavio, Hector Canossa, Maria Fiorentino, Patricia Dodero and Anibal Silveyra.

If Buenos Aires could be compare theatrically with Broadway, Corrientes would be it's twin sister, an avenue full of theatre houses, sometimes 2 or 3 per block, gives Anibal the chance to perform in a musical play, WOMAN OF THE YEAR, consecutively 5 years, two shows at night, an experience that is rare even on Broadway, starring SUSANA GIMENEZ, opened on oct. 1983, at the MAIPO theatre, with Tina Serrano, Domingo Basile, Boy Olmi, Maurice Jouvet, Jorge Mayorano, ( later replaced by Arturo Puig), Hector Pilatti, Alberto Garcia Satur, Rodolfo Valss, Guido Dalbo, Lelio Lesser, Marcelo dos Santos, Alberto Diaz, Roberto Blanzaco, Rafael Blanco, Anibal Silveyra, Daniel Leibiker, Daniel Aguilar, directed by Mario Morgan, musical dir. Juan Cuacci, choreography Mary Bettini.

"Dona Flor and her two Husbands" a musical play based on the novel by Jorge Amado, directed by Jose Maria Paolantonio, starring Adrian Ghio, Peggy Sol, Nestor Hugo Rivas, with choreography by Ruben Cuello, Mercedes Fernandez asist. choreo., ODEON theatre. 1984 ( Anibal performed just 2 months, while he had a hiatus with Woman of the year)

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